Northern Exposure

26 Nov

On Sunday, I left Mumbai early in the morning, as rain poured down (despite monsoon season being over), for the domestic airport to catch my flight to Delhi.  Two hours later, I landed in the capital city, where it was cool, sunny, and humidity-free.  I knew Delhi and I were going to get along just fine!

Kanika and her family picked me up outside of baggage claim.  It was so good to see them!  I had been pretty homesick for a few days leading up to my Delhi trip, and I was excited to spend time with a friend from home.

From the airport, we went to meet Kanika’s father in a village where he used to live.  We arrived at the house of one of his childhood friends, who is now a politician.  We visited with him and his children in his home, then he offered to drive us to a temple.  This wasn’t just any Hindu temple; it was one that he had built for the community with his own money.  The main temple was a white marble structure, and scattered around the temple complex were 20+-foot statues of Hindu gods and goddesses.  And, that temple was just one of eight he had built.

Once we and Kanika’s father arrived back at his friend’s house, we piled into the car and headed back to Delhi.  It was already after noon and we had plans to do some sightseeing.  Our first stop was Qutb Minar.  Completed in the 13th century, it is India’s tallest brick minaret, standing at 238 feet, only 5 feet shorter than the Taj Mahal. (Photos from Qutb Minar follow.)

Tomorrow, I will have pics from the rest of our day, when we visited the Lotus Temple and India Gate.

Inscriptions on the minaret


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