Olive: The Reason to Never End a Relationship on Bad Terms

22 Feb

WARNING:  To my parents, relatives, and anyone else who prefers to think of me as the innocent little girl who signed plenty of abstinence cards as a teenager, please do not read any further.  Thanks.

Want to see every person you’ve been introduced to in Mumbai?  Go to Olive on a Thursday night.  Want to flirt with that cute guy you met a party once?  Go to Olive on a Thursday night.  Want to avoid seeing the guy you went on a date with but never called you again?  Don’t go to Olive on a Thursday night.  Want to make out with someone in front of the guy who never called you to make him jealous?  Go to Olive on Thursday.

There isn’t anything special about Olive except that it’s the place to see and be seen.  The drinks are ridiculously overpriced, and you have to stick around until 1 a.m. or later to have even the slightest bit of space to dance.  The music is good, and only once have I been to Olive when  it shut down before 4 a.m.

If you want to go out with your friends, grab a few drinks, and hang out, there are other options in Mumbai, but if you want the latest gossip or to check out who’s with who, there’s no other place to be than Olive.

There are only a couple of people in Mumbai who, in an ideal world, I wouldn’t run into again.  I successfully avoided one of them when I was at Olive two weeks ago; I noticed him getting in his car as I walked into the bar.  The other …I’m never that lucky.  He and I are too often in the same place at the same time.  Just the week before, he taps me on the shoulder at the Mahalaxmi Derby to brag about winning a bet on a race.

Rewind a few weekends before that.  I arrived at a restaurant half an hour early for brunch with a friend, and he’s sitting at a booth with some girl.  I aborted the plan to sit alone and have a cup of coffee.  Instead, before he could see me, I walked across the street to a coffee shop, ordered tea, and parked myself at a table by the window so I could watch to see if they’d leave the restaurant together holding hands or something.  Of course, caffeine on an empty stomach meant that I had to pee like crazy, and they must have left during the minute I was in the restroom, because when I returned to the window seat from which I had been stalking them, I could see they were gone.

And, of course, it never fails that he’s at Olive.  I skipped last week in order to finish some work.  But, two weeks ago, the last time I was there, he squeezed into a spot at the bar next to me.  He kissed me on the cheek and said hello to my friends.  We exchanged pleasantries, and I regretted that I had chosen to not drink that night.  He handed the second drink to the girl behind him, the same girl he was with at brunch.  Then he touched my earrings.  “I found your jewelry,” he said.  “I’ll have to get it back to you.”

I have a habit of leaving jewelry at guys’ places.  It would probably make my life easier if I would just stop wearing jewelry on dates (or stop going back to their places, as my mom would probably suggest if she were reading this post, which I hope she’s not).  But, I’m learning my lesson the hard way with Mr. We’re Gonna.  As my friend says, he’s a “we’re guy,” a.k.a. all talk and no action.  “We’re going to go to this great restaurant next time.”  “We’re going to go on a motorcycle ride along the beach at sunset.”  “We’re going to go to Goa.”   After our first date and a post-dinner make out session (during which I took off the earrings), I resisted every urge to spend the night, not wanting to ruin the chance for all the we’re-gonnas.

The next week, Mr. We’re Gonna texted me to say he’d be out of town for business, but we’d hang out when he got back.  Another week—nothing.  Then, out of the blue, a text, “Sorry I’ve been out of touch lately.  Been sorting some things out…”  At that point, I had already gone out with someone else, and thankfully did not leave jewelry at his place.  And aside from the run-ins at the horse race and Olive, we haven’t been in contact.

I recently found out that Mr. We’re Gonna is now dating my friend’s roommate, which is great because now I have an easy way to get my earrings back.  Surprising, I haven’t heard from him since his offer two weeks ago to get them back to me.  So, I texted him on Friday, “Hey.  Really need my jewelry back.  You can give them to Jackie next time you see her.”  A few minutes later, he replied, “Hey.  Had the earrings in my pocket to give them to you on Thursday if I ran into you at Olive.”


One Response to “Olive: The Reason to Never End a Relationship on Bad Terms”

  1. Jackie February 23, 2011 at 8:34 am #

    Ugh, guys never change continent to continent. If I got even ONE of the pieces of jewelry back that I’ve left at guys’ places, I’d be happy! Can’t wait to see you! Skype on Wed? xoxo

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